Road Trip

In a week’s time, on Sunday 1st September, I’ll be taking off to the mainland in what my car will no doubt feel is an attempt to kill it, and what I will probably come to think of as a bloody stupid idea.

Averaging about 500-odd km a day, I’m planning to drive to Calgary and back via the Okanagan, the Kootenays and the Rockies, clocking in at just over 3,000km in total. Part of the reason for doing this is that I’ve never done anything like it before – being from the UK, it’s hard to appreciate that kind of distance. I’ll be spending roughly half the nights sleeping in the car – I have a 2000-model Ford Focus station wagon, so I have just about enough space to do it in.

This week I’ll be doing all the final preparation. For those who are interested, I plan on taking some time out to do a bit of portable HF amateur radio operation as VE7CXZ/P, and whenever I’m in range of a digipeater my location should be available via APRS on sites like

Watch this space. Or listen out on the news for an Englishman going missing in the BC interior.

Not dead, just sleeping

It’s been a while since I posted on here. It’s been a busy year – for reasons both good and not-so-good – but I’ve got a few ideas that I’ll be posting about over the next week or two.

For those interested in amateur radio (or wonder what it’s all about) – I also have, which is where I post all my amateur radio-related thoughts and activities.

Just a short one – and the first post in a while – but I’ve come across, which contains a guide to the syllabus for the exam for the Foundation license – as well as mock tests for the exam itself – which I’m hoping to do in the coming weeks. The site’s not quite finished – there’s some stuff missing for the Intermediate level, but it’s a really useful site.