twentysomething thirty-year old Systems Engineer, originally from the north of the UK but escaped mid-2012 and can now be found looking mostly confused on the west coast of Canada, in the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia.

I sometimes have a beard, and sometimes I don’t. It all depends how lazy I’ve been recently and whether I’ve needed to convince anyone that I’m not homeless.

I’m part Linux/UNIX engineer, part network security engineer with a bit of Perl hackery thrown in. Despite my own opinions about my abilities, I seem to be able to make things work – usually without even hitting them with a stick.

For extreme nerdiness, I hold amateur radio licenses in not one but two countries – as MØVKG in the UK, and VE7CXZ in Canada.

I can be found on Twitter – attempting to be funny and failing miserably – as @ve7cxz.