Things are about to get very interesting

My last post talked about my then-impending trip to Canada, and I’m happy to say that I made it back in one piece, although I was pretty sick of airports and planes afterwards. Heathrow greeted me with that familiar grey drizzle before my final hop back up to Manchester where – and I’m as surprised as anyone – it wasn’t raining. Victoria was lovely – more so than I expected, and bar a bit of rain one day I seemed to get lucky with the weather. I managed to not break my camera, so there’s a few pictures up on Flickr.

The interviews (yes, plural – I had four!) seemed to go well. I got to meet a lot of the staff, including most of the people who I would be working with, who were all brilliant at putting me at ease and letting me babble on about myself. I left after spending most of the day there with a genuine feeling that it would be a cracking place to work.

After a few more days sightseeing in and around Victoria, I made the return trip back across the Atlantic. The day after I got back, I got a phone call to offer me the job. It was about 6pm, but my body had no idea where it was, so as you can imagine the rambling on was embarrassingly in full effect…

So, I’ve accepted the job, and I’m now ridiculously excited. If you know me, you’re probably laughing at that notion, but I assure you – I did get a bit giddy.¬†Almost a month on, and I’m now in the midst of the unavoidable bureaucratic process of work permits and working out what to do with… well, everything. It’s exciting, anxiety-inducing and downright terrifying all in one go. I’m pretty certain it’ll put ten years on me by the time it’s sorted…

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