1 man, 6 airports and a 11,500 mile round trip

In a little over two days’ time I’ll be boarding a plane in Manchester on the first leg of a 3-flight trip to Victoria in British Columbia, via Frankfurt and Vancouver. Then, 4 days later I’ll coming back again – this time through San Francisco and Heathrow, and in the process doubling the amount of airports I’ve ever flown from in the space of just under a week.

Many of the people I’ve mentioned it to have said that I’m nuts. They’re correct, but there’s a purpose to all this catapulting around in a metal tube: I’ve got a job interview.

After a handful of ‘phone interviews, an online technical test and a scripting assignment, I’ve been asked to fly over for a panel interview. To say I’m nervous would be an understatement – I’ve not had a job interview at an external company for nearly nine years, so I’ve spent a considerable amount of time preparing for this. I’ve also never been to Canada before – I joked the other day that the furthest west I’ve ever been is Cornwall. Travelled I am not.

It’s a given that I hope it goes well, but whatever the outcome it will be an experience I’ve not had before and may not get again. I’ll have a couple of days to have a wander around Victoria, so the DSLR will definitely be getting a spot in my rucksack.

Fingers crossed…

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