Just a short one – and the first post in a while – but I’ve come across, which contains a guide to the syllabus for the exam for the Foundation license – as well as mock tests for the exam itself – which I’m hoping to do in the coming weeks. The site’s not quite finished – there’s some stuff missing for the Intermediate level, but it’s a really useful site.

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  • Hi Andy,

    First off I’m pleased you have found the HamTests website and find it useful. which parts of the intermediate level are missing from our question bank? its to my knowledge that we’ve covered every section of the Intermediate Syllabus but we’re more then happy to fix things if we’ve slipped up.

    73 Peter (2E0SQL)

  • Hi Peter,

    First of all, thanks for making such a useful site! :-)

    The bits that were missing were some of the lessons for the Intermediate courses – for instance it shows ‘Coming soon!’ for Lesson 4. It’s no big deal, because the mock exams are the most important bit, and I have the revision guide from the RSGB.

    Once again, thanks for the site – I’ve got my Foundation exam on the 21st, and it’s been a great help so far!

  • Hi Andy,

    The lessons are a feature we’re currently working on, hence some parts are coming soon we love releasing parts early and this does cause the odd “coming soon”. The whole site is run by 3 of us in our spare time mixed in with work and education and it can be a bit of a juggling act!

    Good luck with the foundation exam!

    73 Peter, 2E0SQL

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